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CONTOURS: Sunday August 21, 2016

 Bill Nutt interviews singer/songwriter David Bromberg about his appearance at Roy’s Hall in Blairstown, NJ on August 26, 2016.  Bromberg is also known for his music store in downtown Wilmington, Delaware.2.   Regis Philbin:  Bill Nutt interviews iconic entertainer Regis Philbin.  Philbin will be bringing his live show to the MAYO Center in Morristown, NJ on August 21, 2016. Melanie Thiel interviews singer/songwriter Lizanne Knott who is bringing her music to the Sherman Showcase along with Keith Greeninger on Friday August 26, 2016.  This show is a joint venture between the Sherman Showcase and WNTI.ORG

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Hello!  I’m Karl Hricko for the United Astronomy Clubs of NJ, and the National Space Society bringing you the August Astronomy Update for the WNTI listening area.

When you cast your eyes at the night sky, you can see planets and countless stars.   Our vision is a wonderful thing.   It requires a set of eyes, nerves, and a vision center in the brain.  The work of the eye is to convert the electromagnetic energy of photons of light into an electrochemical nerve impulse.  This impulse travels along nerves until it reaches the vision center. Here it is amazingly converted into an image. 

Because it takes some time for light to travel to our eyes, we never see objects in real time.  We see light from the Sun eight minutes later, and from the Moon, about one second later. That means that we also don’t see any of the planets in real time.

Real time or otherwise, we can see Mercury, Jupiter and Venus in a row very close to the horizon in the west.  Mercury and Jupiter are in Virgo, while Venus is in Leo.  Venus and Jupiter move very close to each other at the end of the month.  Also at this time in the south-southwest, Mars and Saturn also move close together in Scorpius.
So use your amazing sense of vision to capture those celestial photons of light as you view the stars and the planets in our night sky.

Until our next Astronomy Update –
Don’t forget to check out …
What’s up in the night sky!



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CONTOURS : Sunday August 14, 2016

Bill Nutt interviews Chris Vachon from the legendary blues band, Room Full of Blues about their performance on August 19, 2016 at Roy’s Hall in Blairstown, NJ. Bill Nutt interviews Louis Prima, Jr. about his performance at the Morristown Jazz & Blues Festival taking place in downtown Morristown, NJ on August 20, 2016. Bill Nutt interviews singer/songwriter Ani DiFranco about her upcoming show at the Newton Theatre on August 23, 2016


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